Circle of Smiles

Our program has been skillfully designed so that kids of varying social and athletic ability can harmoniously share a positive and memorable growth experience. The numerous events and activities featured at camp are meticulously managed as part of a "bigger picture" effort to help our participants develop physically and mentally.

At Champion, families are given the option to customize their schedules with any duration and combination of days as desired to get "prefect fit" plans (we can accommodate any request from a signle day to an entire summer). Any time spent at camp is sure to be a great, but attending a full session from start-to-finish is the only way to experience all that Champion has to offer!

Weeks & Sessions At Champion

Time at Champion is purchased by the week, each of which has its own distinct focus, unique Wild Wednesday adventures, and exclusive Fabtastic Friday events to look forward to. However, each week at camp is only part of a full session. No two days at Champion are ever the same due to a wide-ranging and ever-changing set of activities within our schedule. The many special moments we provide on a daily basis combine together to create a lasting camp experience with fun-filled memories.

The Champion Full Session Experience

Welcome Week

Your child will be "welcomed" to Champion by gaining exposure to a wide variety of sports, games, and fun activities! The Champion Staff will also work tirelessly to create a positive camp atmoshphere by placing special emphasis on good behavior, rules, and friendly play.

Tournament Week

This action-packed week features a "March Madness" type of excitement around every game played. Featured tournaments include: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Dodgeball, and more! Special emphasis is placed on team play, sportsmanship and cooperation during this week.

Olympic Week

The entire camp will be divided into teams of Reds and Yellows to square off in a series of fun challenges during this week of friendly competition. This week is filled with non-stop excitement and is designed to motivate campers to put forth their very best effort!

Awards Day

Parents are invited to attend our closing ceremonies, where each camper is recognized with an award. This day is loaded with special events and ensurses that camp finishes on a proud and positive note for all participants!

Champion Summer Camp Session Schedule

Session 1

Welcome Week
Tournament Week
Olympic Week
6/17 - 6/21
6/24 - 6/28
7/1 - 7/3

Session 2

Welcome Week
Tournament Week
Olympic Week
7/8 - 7/12
7/15 - 7/19
7/22 - 7/26

Session 3

Welcome Week
Olympic Week
7/29 - 8/2
8/5 - 8/9

Putting It All Together
Every child is meant to feel like a "champion" for their efforts at camp. Important goals for all campers in our program include:

“Both my 11-year old daughter and my 6-year old son are crazy about the variety of activities offered at camp, and they cannot stop raving about their counselors. This is the ONLY camp around that they both love! Kudos to the Champion staff for making summer so much fun!”

- Stephanie N., Hillsborough Parent

We keep our campers active, engaged, and outdoors with a unique mix of sports, games, field trips, arts & crafts, carnival events, theme days, camp contests, and more. Put it all together and you get a camp experience that is loaded with friendship, fun, and lasting memories!

Click here to see a list of activities offered at camp (under "Let's Play").

To keep all campers engaged, we customize each group's schedule by both age and gender. And while the schedule for 5 year old girls is very different from the one for 12 year old boys, both groups feel part of "something bigger" by being part of the unique camp environment we offer.

At Champion, your child will be assigned to a group of about 14 kids of the same age and same gender. Each group is led by an Executive Counselor and a Counselor, and most groups get additional support from a Counselor In Training. The staff members and campers in each group stay the same throughout the camp session. This continuity encourages positive social interaction and provides valuable consistency.

Our camp offers broad appeal to boys and girls ages 5 - 12. We have vast experience at dealing with kids of all different personalities (shy, domineering, etc...) and varying athletic ability. In addition to the convenience provided by our ability to host multiple kids of different ages and genders, we also award a 10% discount to siblings through our Additional Plan Discount.

At Champion, boys and girls are kept engaged, active, and outdoors through a variety of events that no other camp can match. The good old fashion fun that Champion provides is both timeless and essential in today's digital world!

If you'd like to give your child several weeks of healthy outdoor activity this summer, we invite you to consider additional time at Champion. The wide variety of activities that we offer allows us to easily entertain campers for weeks at a time. Every session has a unique "personality", and we find that campers have just as much fun (if not more) on their second or third time through. Don't forget that you will save 10% on any extra time you sign up for through our Additional Plan Discount.

We take great pride in giving ALL kids an amazing camp experience and can assure you that the girls at Champion have just as much fun as the boys do. We have an amazing track record of "winning over" girls who were reluctantly enrolled into our program and encourage you to call us at 415-602-0722 us if you are on the fence to sign up your daughter.

Seeing is believing, so be sure to check out this video which is dedicated exclusively to our lady champers!

A lot of parents ask if their 11 or 12 year old child is "too old" for Champion. Our belief is that kids should not be in a rush to "grow up" too fast, and our observation is that once kids this age get to camp and start playing games, they have just as much fun as the kids in any other age group. We feel strongly (and hope you will agree) that the more 11 & 12 year old kids there are enjoying good old fashioned fun in this world, the better!